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A Philanthropic Financial 
Education Program


Make Your Mark and Do Lasting Good

The U.S. is experiencing the largest transfer of wealth in history – estimated at $68 trillion over the next 25 years – and those with means are in a better position than ever to leave a lasting legacy that changes lives. Intentional philanthropy is the step beyond traditional estate planning and one that promises individuals the opportunity to create a long-term positive impact on their families, heirs, and communities.

If you’re an advisor, we invite you to enroll in the program, then share your experience with your clients and prospects. We also invite philanthropic-minded individuals to enroll and gain expert instruction and insights on how you can make a difference with your legacy planning.

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Advisors and Gift Planners


Individuals and Families


Our Course

A Spectrum of Legacies is a free, eight-module philanthropic education course developed by Mark Weber, CAP®. Students learn online from short instructional videos, with learning reinforced through case studies, worksheets, and other resources.



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Is This course right for you? 

This course can help any family. However, it is essential for those planning for abundance
(with more money than they are likely to spend in a lifetime).

Ideal participants include:
- Individuals at or near retirement age who will not exhaust their assets during their lifetime

- High-net-worth individuals looking to make a difference in their communities through philanthropy

- Those with complex family situations that make legacy and estate planning difficult
- Owners of small or closely-held businesses confronting the challenges of exit planning
- Those working with financial advisors or legacy planning experts, such as Chartered Advisor in Philanthropy® (CAP®) designees

Course Benefits

-Get clarity on your personal values
- Be confident you and your spouse have enough to last a lifetime
- Get clarity on how much you wish to leave your children
- Learn how charitable tools can help you leave a legacy for both family and community
- Access personalized letters to express your feeling for your children
- Learn how to hold family meetings to help your family grow closer
- Learn how to engage appropriate advisors and turn them into your own ongoing Board of Advisors


Time Required

- 2 hours to get the big picture 

- As much time as you need to drill down on topics of
importance to you

The American College of Financial Services believes every family can benefit from this type of planning. We are making the course available at no fee. We encourage you to work with your chosen advisors to make the most of what you have for the benefit of those you love and for the causes you love, lead, and support.


"A Spectrum of Legacies provides a practical guide to the
critical, and often missing, piece in wealth management and
estate planning: a focus on meaning and values."



A Legacy Formed Through Partnership

Clients working with a CAP® financial professional benefit from her or his deep background in legacy and gift planning strategies. This value-add consumer course supports philanthropic planning with a knowledgeable
advisor or planner.

Join the ever-growing community of philanthropic advisors and
gift planners today.