When they finish their service, the men and women of the U.S. military find themselves in a unique position. After spending a career in the military, many have trouble transitioning into work in the civilian world.

The American College Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs is starting a GoFundMe campaign in the spirit of Mother's Day and Father's Day, with the goal of helping military veterans find meaningful work in the financial services profession.

Former Navy officer James Meehan, who sits on the advisory board for The Center for Veterans Affairs, says that giving veterans and their spouses an opportunity to gain the skills necessary to find work in a non-military setting is essential.

“Today’s veterans have given everything to their country,” Meehan says, “And they’re the only ones writing a check to the U.S. government for an amount up to, and including, their life.”

In 2016 the unemployment rate for veterans who served on active duty in the U.S. armed forces at any time since September 2001 was 5.1 percent, according to data from the U.S. Bureau of Labor StatisticsThe good news is that veteran unemployment is trending down, but there is still a significant need to provide new career opportunities for veterans and their spouses as they transition away from military life.

Pay It Forward: Become The First Line Of Defense

The Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs exists to empower the men and women who have served honorably in the armed forces by providing educational support and career opportunities in the financial services profession, including full scholarship opportunities for active duty, veterans, and spouses.

Service members who have ended their military career need confidence to take the next step in their journey, and knowing they have an opportunity to get a foothold in the financial services profession by pursuing an expenses-paid professional designation from The American College of Financial Services can provide direction, hope, relief, and more.

When you consider everything the women and men behind the U.S. military put on the line for us every day – think of what a scholarship to pursue a post-military career can do for veteran service members and their families.

In honor of the military mothers and fathers who are working hard to support their families at home and abroad, the Veterans Center GoFundMe campaign aims to raise $14,000 in scholarship support – enough to cover the full tuition for two Chartered Financial Consultant® (ChFC®) designations. The campaign will run throughout the Mother’s Day and Father’s Day holidays this year.

By earning the ChFC® designation, the successful student will have taken coursework required  to meet the education requirements for the CFP® certification as set by the CFP Board, plus two additional applications-based courses that focus on the modern financial planning issues that today’s financial planners must understand.

This scholarship campaign is in the spirit of Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, as so many of the active duty and veteran service members are doing all they can to support their families.

“Veterans need these types of programs to move forward after returning home or to transfer their skills into the civilian world,” says Austin Balf, who recently received a full scholarship from The American College Penn Mutual Center for Veterans Affairs.

Center Executive Director Ted Digges says that as a father and retired service member he “hopes this initiative will support and honor the moms and dads in uniform.”

Some facts on military families, as reported by DoSomething.org:

  • Service members are more likely to be married at a younger age and have young children at home compared to their civilian counterparts.
  • More than 900,000 children have experienced the deployment of one or both parents multiple times.
  • Military families relocate 10 times more often than civilian families – on average, every two or three years.
  • There are approximately 1.9 million military children, ranging in ages from newborn to 18 years old, 1.3 million military children are school-aged. 765,000 of our military children have active duty parents, and approximately 225,000 have a parent who is currently deployed.
To learn more about the GoFundMe campaign, visit the kickoff page here.

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