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Retirement, DOL

The DOL Fiduciary Rule: Where Are We Now?

After a seven-year journey through the legislative process, the Department of Labor fiduciary rule proposed by the Obama administration in 2010 finally went into partial effect...

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Wealth Management

The Philosophy of Goal-based Investment Planning

Most of us view our investment portfolio as numbers on a screen. These numbers go up, sometimes they go down. If we invest more in stocks, they tend to bounce around more and...

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Financial Planning, Retirement

The Profound Effect of Delayed Retirement

Fifty percent of older Americans are delaying retirement, and for many, it’s not because they find work meaningful or enjoy the social and intellectual stimulation. It’s...

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Financial Planning, Wealth Management

The Lifecycle Approach and How It Helps Clients

Financial planning is the work of a lifetime, and the discipline of lifecycle finance takes the idea literally, using the human lifetime as an organizing principle for...

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Retirement, Retirement Blog Series

Practical Considerations in Health Care and Long-Term Care Planning

Consumer studies continue to identify health care and long-term care costs as top concerns. Advisors helping clients prepare for retirement need to be able to help clients...

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Financial Planning

Finding the Right Balance of Risk for Your Clients

Risk is the degree or percentage of possibility that something bad or unpleasant will happen. Ascertaining the appropriate level of risk for an investor is an activity that...

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Retirement, Wealth Management

Use the Bucket Strategy to Promote Successful Investing Habits

What Is The Bucket Strategy?

The bucket strategy is a way to think about asset allocation by conceptualizing a portfolio as a series of “buckets,” each of which contain assets...

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Retirement, Retirement Blog Series

Annuities in Retirement Income Planning

In this series of interviews, professor Jamie Hopkins and I talk with retirement income expert Curtis Cloke about using income annuities in a retirement income plan. The...

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Silver Divorce and Retirement Income Planning: Pensions

The rate of silver divorce – divorce among Americans aged 50 and older – has doubled since 1990. There is a significant emotional cost to ending a long term marriage, but...

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